How to choose a binding method? Which type of binding is best?

Quality book binding is an essential step in the book production process. There are 3 main types of book binding: 

  1. Saddle stitch binding
  2. PUR binding
  3. Thread Sewn Binding

Books that have been bound properly look smart and have a longer life span. When you are printing books, choose a print company that is also a binding expert, a company that ensures the quality of their binding work. It is also important to choose the right binding type or method for your book, depending on your requirements and the number of pages. We are book binding experts, applying more than 28 years of expertise into every binding job to produce beautiful books.

Saddle Stitch Binding

Saddle Stitch Binding is when paper sections are stapled together in the fold that becomes the spine. This method is ideal for thinner books, for example booklets, leaflets, and marketing material. You need a page extent that is a multiple of 4 for saddle stitching.

PUR Binding

PUR binding is when the pages are glued securely inside a book’s cover. PUR binding is ideal for magazines, thicker books, and reports. Books from 3mm – 50mm in thickness can be PUR bound and the result is a neat, “perfect” finish – which is why this method is sometimes called “Perfect Binding”.

Thread Sewn Binding

Thread sewing is a more traditional binding type. Page sections are sewn together, and these sections are then sewn together before the thread sewn inner is bound with a hard or soft cover that was printed separately. This method is ideal for thick books like textbooks, and it requires “old-school” expertise, something which we have a lot of.

Book Binding Experts

Trust Tandym Print for quality book binding. Every binding job is completed in-house to ensure quality and the fastest turnaround time possible for you. We pride ourselves on the quality of our book work, and precise binding is an essential part of ensuring that we produce quality books. Speak to us about your book production requirements, we print quality books that last. Get in touch via email: or call 021 505 4200.

This clip and the images here include examples of these 3 different binding methods.

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